Sunday, September 10, 2017

Summit Sessions 100: Part 4 - Everest Edition

It's time for the grand finale.

This isn't just the last segment for Summit Sessions 100, but it's going to be the last episode of the radio show for a while. I'm putting the show on hiatus for a month or two, but don't worry, I'll be back. I can't think of a better episode to end on.

Tying off Summit Sessions 100 is one of my ultimate "Everest" mixes, covering the gamut of high-BPM trance, ranging from progressive psy trance to some brutal tech trance and everything in between.

I can't thank you enough for getting me this far, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon.

(00:00) Paul Oakenfold - Dreamstate Theme (Magnus Remix) [Perfecto]
(06:59) The Digital Blonde & Simon Motnikar - Subversive World [JOOF]
(12:33) Ilai - Breakfast With Tiffany [Universal Nation]
(17:11) Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley - City Of Sound (Liquid Soul Remix) [Ultra]
(22:31) M.I.K.E. Push - Quadrant (Moon Tripper Remix) [JOOF]
(29:02) Reeloop - F*cking Society (Coming Soon!!! Remix) [Grotesque Reworked]
(33:09) Ben Nicky ft. Chloe - Anywhere (Exis Remix) [Universal Nation]
(36:11) Mark Sherry & Dark Fusion ft. Jan Johnston - Deja Vu (ReOrder Extended Remix) [Outburst]
(41:09) Simon Patterson - Smack [Reset]
(45:53) Akira Kayosa - Cavity Drop [Damaged]
(50:21) Chris SX - Long Way Home [Digital Society]
(54:15) Thomas Datt - The Psychonaut [Damaged]

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Summit Sessions 100: Part 3 - Mike Squillo Guestmix

Part 3 of Summit Sessions 100 wants to know if you're afraid of 138.

Continuing the progression from last week's wonderful mix from Monoverse, Mike Squillo has given us a tremendous hour of fast-paced trance. It's not all uplifting, mind you - there's some fantastic progressive psy trance in here too, and the handpicked tracklist contains some very unique and standout music.

As usual, if you enjoy this, go give him a follow online!

(00:00) ID - ID
(05:30) Flowjob - Alice In Orbit [Iboga]
(10:33) Sonic Element - Away Without You (Thomas Datt Remix) [Borderline]
(15:29) Lostly - Not Giving In [Discover]
(19:13) Solarstone - Love Theme From Blade Runner (Pure Mix) [Black Hole]
(25:52) Mike Squillo - ID
(31:29) Mike Squillo - A Place For Everything [Digital Society]
(35:40) Fractal Structure - Colored Melody [Alter Ego]
(41:42) Mike Squillo - Search For Self [Digital Society]
(47:15) John Dopping - Words In Colour [Discover]

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summit Sessions 100: Part 2 - Monoverse Guestmix

Part 2 of Summit Sessions 100 is a melodic rollercoaster.

Monoverse really knocked it out of the park with his guestmix. Picking up where Blugazer's mix left off, part 2 is a beautifully-flowing journey through progressive trance, and features a total of FIVE exclusive, yet-to-be-released, yet-to-be-announced tracks. This mix really does demonstrate why Monoverse is one of the fastest-rising stars in the scene today.

Same as last week, if you enjoy it, give him a like/follow online.

(00:00) ID - ID
(07:12) The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra - Amber (Vintage & Morelli Remix) [FSOE]
(12:57) ID - ID
(17:09) ID - ID
(21:39) Linkin Park - What I've Done (Hazem Beltagui Melo Bootleg) [Unreleased]
(27:14) Eco & Jennifer Rene - Running (Monoverse Remix) [Black Hole]
(32:37) ID - ID
(37:17) Lowland - The Other Side (Extended Mix Edit) [Black Hole]
(44:53) Sied van Riel - Rush (Sied van Riel Rielism Remix) [Rielism]
(49:23) Stoneface & Terminal - North Cape [FSOE]
(55:17) ID - ID

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summit Sessions 100: Part 1 - Blugazer Guestmix

Summit Sessions 100 has finally arrived!

To celebrate this momentous (to me) occasion, I'm celebrating by doing four weeks of mixes, three of which are guestmixes from some great DJs and producers. To start us off is one from Blugazer, who is one of the trance & progressive scene's most consistently-amazing producers. All of his music has a unique style that sets him apart from everyone else, and this mix is a great example of that.

If you enjoy this great intro mix to #100 (which I'm sure you will), then find him on Facebook and Soundcloud and give him a like/follow. You won't regret it.

For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

(00:00) Caio Stanccione - Adimiral [Dear Deer]
(06:44) Anja Schneider - Jimmy [Mobilee]
(11:11) Fashion Victimz - Desert Rose [Dear Deer]
(16:00) Andhim - Domplatte [Get Physical]
(21:39) Hugo EL - Atvasara [Incepto Deep]
(26:24) Filter Bear, Luka Sambe - Hebe XVI [Lost & Found]
(32:08) ID - ID
(37:49) LTN & Attila Syah - Fata Morgana [Silk]
(42:17) Vintage & Morelli - Aurora [Silk]
(48:16) LTN & Attila Syah - Fata Morgana (Blugazer Remix) [Silk]
(53:30) Flabaire - Sweet Spot [D.KO]

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summit Sessions #99

We're almost to #100!

This one's coming pretty late - I've been bad about uploading this weekly lately (having a full-time job can do that occasionally), but we're almost to #100. I've got something pretty big planned that you won't want to miss. For now, let's just say that part 1 of episode 100 will be coming on the 20th of August.

As for episode 99, this one is more of what you've probably come to expect by now - lots of darker-sounding progressive, techno, and trance music. Enjoy!

(00:00) Andromedha - Through The Desert [JOOF Aura]
(04:24) Ellez Ria pres. Arkam - Anime [White Soho]
(08:44) Basil O'Glue - Step Two [Afterglow]
(12:51) Jay Hubbard - From Within [Pineapple Digital]
(16:54) Alex Di Stefano - No Pain, No Gain [Techburst]
(21:56) 2nd Phase - Protocol (Darmec Remix) [Techburst]
(26:26) Estiva - Tarmac [Statement!]
(31:11) John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence - Predator (Frost Raven Tech Remix) [Pharmacy]
(34:26) Max Graham - One Hundred (Raw Mix) [Cycles]
(39:39) Rafael Osmo - Airtight (E&G Remix) [Create]
(43:38) Chris Bekker - ANIMATIC [Vandit]
(47:16) Airwave - Pray For Happiness [JOOF]
(52:36) Critical Choice - Tribute [Iboga]

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summit Sessions #98

The heat here has been getting intense the last few weeks. How about we have an episode that reflects that?

As usual, there's some great progressive tracks here, and a steady build-up until the end. Enjoy!

(00:00) Mark Found - Flashback (Tencode Remix) [Saturate]
(04:59) You Are My Salvation - What Makes Us Human [JOOF]
(10:40) Enertia-Sound - Acid Rain [Electronic Tree]
(14:19) Estiva - Space Dust [Colorize]
(18:27) Paul Thomas & Whit-Aker - Red Skies [Armada Electronic Elements]
(22:51) Orkidea - Nana (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [Black Hole]
(27:24) Airwave - Reus Calling [Bonzai Progressive]
(33:54) Facade - Beats For Broken Minds [JOOF]
(39:39) John 00 Fleming - 5000 Light Years From Earth [JOOF]
(46:38) Anton Chernikov & The Digital Blonde - Omega [JOOF]
(50:34) Daniel Lesden - Surreal (Part 2) [JOOF]
(55:35) Ticon - Waiting For The Knights (FREq Remix) [Iboga]

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summit Sessions #97

With the current heat wave sweeping Colorado, stay inside and listen to some nice tunes while you wait it out.

That's what this episode is for.

(00:00) NTS-51 - The Box [Sunlight Tunes]
(06:21) Phase Difference - Black Rose (Alter Future Remix) [Saturate]
(11:51) Gordey Tsukanov - Strange Type [JOOF]
(16:21) Danny Fontana - Proxima Centauri (Darmec Remix) [Syncopate]
(20:51) Wellenrausch - The Pages Of Time (Rex Mundi Remix) [Afterglow]
(27:06) Airwave & DJ Fire - Without Roots [Bonzai Progressive]
(30:35) John 00 Fleming - The Restless Planet [JOOF]
(36:59) Dark Soul Project & Rich Curtis - Synesthesia (Gai Barone Son Of Duke Remix) [Slideways]
(40:49) Full Tilt - Class War [Perfecto]
(45:56) Winkee - Awakening (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) [Pure Trance]
(51:59) ATB & Dash Berlin - Apollo Road (Club Mix) [Armada]