Sunday, January 26, 2014

Summit Sessions #25 - Share Your Heart

This is episode 25 of Summit Sessions, and that now means we're at the quarter-century mark! Or we would be, if this podcast was released yearly instead of weekly. This one's huge, with some absolute bangers and quality songs, such as new music from Naian along with some crazy tech trance and hard-hitting uplifting trance. You'll be fist-pumping like a first-time raver, I guarantee that.

(00:00) Constellations - Naian [AEZ Recordings]
(06:47) Chow Mein - Heatbeat [Captivating Sounds]
(11:38) In Your Arms (Joseph Areas Remix) - Andy Moor feat. Jessica Sweetman [AVA Recordings]
(16:52) Breathe - Bjorn Akesson [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(21:25) Do Or Die - Jordan Suckley [Perfecto Fluoro]
(25:55) I'll Listen (John O'Callaghan Dark Mix) - Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado [Armind]
(31:22) Psychic Sensor (Mark Young & Damo Kay Remix) - John O'Callaghan [Subculture]
(36:51) Dreamers & Dreams - Arctic Moon vs. Bryan Kearney [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(41:53) Who's Afraid Of 138?! (Photographer Remix) - Armin van Buuren [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
(48:06) Intimate Strangers (Aly & Fila Remix) - John Askew [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(54:30) Ride The Wave (Will Atkinson Remix) - John O'Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottaviani [Subculture]

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Summit Sessions #24 - Raise Me Up

Another week, another Summit Sessions episode. We're on episode 24 now, which just so happens to be focused quite a lot on melody. You won't find much in the way of tech trance bangers, but rather uplifting tunes. They get the heart pumping all the same, regardless.

(00:00) Under The Gun (Rank 1 Remix) - Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash [S107 Recordings]
(04:56) Fireflies (Club Mix) - Lange feat. Cate Kanell [Lange Recordings]
(11:15) Walkabout - Eco [A State Of Trance]
(15:05) Peace (Breakfast Remix) - Saints & Sinners [Lost Language]
(21:40) Transmission - United Music [Edge EDM Records]
(27:13) And She Smiles (Moonsouls Remix) - Morvan [Infrasonic Future]
(32:19) Reflections - Luke Bond [Future Sound OF Egypt]
(37:50) The Hurricane - Liam Wilson & Will Atkinson [Discover Records]
(43:19) Perfect Tonight (Ben Nicky Mashup) - Above & Beyond vs. Bjorn Akesson & Allan Morrow [Free Download]
(47:26) Running Out Of Time (Uplifting Mix) - Aly & Fila feat. Chris Jones [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(52:21) Ooosh! - North & Sanchez [Monster Digital]
(57:12) Fracture (Darren Porter Remix) - The Thrillseekers & Talla 2XLC [Tetsuo]

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Summit Sessions #23 - Who I Am

Time for episode 23! With this one, Summit Sessions has gone on for more than twice as long as my previous podcast series, and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future. For now though, we're sticking with our usual fare - starting out with some nice progressive sounds and moving on up to uplifting and tech stuff.

Unfortunately, I had some major technical difficulties with my audio interface this week, which meant I was unable to record voiceovers. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing - it will help you focus more on the music! So please, do that, and make sure you give the included artists and songs your full support if you love them. Anyway, enjoy!

(00:00) The Maze Of Ice (Club Mix) - Santerna feat. Vadim K [InfraProgressive]
(06:41) Hold My Heart - Marc Simz feat. Naomi Striemer [High Contrast Recordings]
(09:53) Vueltas (Thomas Datt Remix) - Steve Brian [Tool Trance]
(16:14) The One - Simon Patterson feat. Lucy Pullin [Armind]
(22:02) Alonism - Eco [A State Of Trance]
(26:52) Nimbus - Oliver Smith [Anjunabeats]
(31:59) On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - OceanLab [Ultra]
(36:51) Dreams Alive (Fast Distance Remix) - Alexander Turok [Amsterdam Trance Records]
(41:29) Full Effect (Falcon Remix) - Jonny Haslett [Vibrate Sounds]
(47:02) Whatever Happens (Arctic Moon Remix) - Mark Leanings [Subculture]
(54:11) Flashback (Trance Arts & Colin James Remix) - Bowdidge & Taylor [Mental Asylum Records]

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Summit Sessions #22 - Take Me Away

It's time for episode 22 of Summit Sessions, and this time we're going nuts yet again. As you should expect by now, there's tons of energy in this episode, not to mention some incredibly beautiful melodies - which seems to be the focus here. Don't look at me, I just go where the music takes me!

(00:00) Hurt (Extended Vocal Mix) - Eco & Carly Burns [Enhanced Recordings]
(06:23) Risk Worth Taking (Club Mix) - Lange feat. Susana [Lange Recordings]
(11:40) Breathe (Will Atkinson Remix) - John O'Callaghan & Full Tilt feat. Karen Kelly [Captivating Sounds]
(16:24) Waiting Here For You (Breakfast Club Mix) - The Thrillseekers feat. Aruna [Adjusted Music]
(22:46) Letting Go (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) - Full Tilt feat. Katrina Noorbergen [Subculture]
(28:44) You Have Realised (Uplifting Remix) - Gal Abutbul & Sarah Russell [Adrian & Raz Recordings]
(33:08) Stormchaser - Darren Porter & Manuel Le Saux [Extrema Global Music]
(39:26) Intimate Strangers (Aly & Fila Remix) - John Askew [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(44:55) Folding Your Universe - ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. Skypatrol [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(49:30) Refresh - Ben Nicky & James Dymond [Mental Asylum Records]
(55:12) Ardente (Ian Standerwick Remix) - Vast Vision [Future Sound Of Egypt]