Sunday, December 29, 2013

Summit Sessions #21 - Keep Moving On

We've reached episode 21 now, moving on into the third decade - is that the right word? - of Summit Sessions podcasts, which means we're not too far from half a year of trance music. Not bad, huh? By now you should know what to expect...tons of awesome, hard-hitting music to keep you going through the work week so that you can party hard when Friday and Saturday come around. There are some particularly nice jewels in this episode, such as new music from Sean Tyas and Dimension & Ultimate, as well as a tasty older remix from Mat Zo. Whatever the song, I hope you enjoy it.

(00:00) Now You See - Sean Tyas [Tytanium Recordings]
(07:34) Music Is For Rich People (Mat Zo Remix) - Soliquid [Captured Music]
(13:16) We Watched The Sunrise Till Our Eyes Burned Out - Eco [A State Of Trance]
(18:28) Crystal Clear (Temple One Remix) - Neev Kennedy with Adrian&Raz [Adrian&Raz Recordings]
(23:39) The World - Sean Tyas feat. Lo-Fi Sugar [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(29:14) Hashmosphere (Foxhill Mashup) - Suncatcher & Falcon vs. Kaskade [Free Download]
(34:47) Mad Angel - Alex Ender [Inov8 Recordings]
(39:46) Fire Vortex - Mitchell Claxton [Monstercat]
(45:18) Rawdiculous (Bryan Kearney's Enhanced Edit) - Bryan Kearney vs. John O'Callaghan [Free Download]
(49:24) Valhalla (Adam Ellis Remix) - Arctic Moon & Paul Webster [Future Sound Of Egypt]
(55:57) Corazon - Dimension & Ultimate [Monster Digital]

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Summit Sessions #20 - Hold On Forever

It's episode #20, and you all know what that means...two hours of awesome music! That's right, it's a double-length set, with tons of crazy stuff to fill your ears and warm your hearts. This episode starts off nice and slow, but most certainly builds up energy to the very last minute, which will have your heart pumping at a solid 140 beats per minute.

Don't forget to answer the question posed at the beginning of the podcast: keep Summit Sessions on Monday, or move it to a different day? You can answer it at or We look forward to your responses!

(0:00:00) Solar Guitar - Speed Limits & T4L [Enhanced Progressive]
(0:07:30) Deep Orange - PROFF [Anjunadeep]
(0:14:00) Five Minutes Before Midnight - Mizar B [WeRecommendRecords]
(0:19:30) Crockett's Theme - Michael Cassette [Anjunadeep]
(0:25:00) Lip Service - Mindset [Macarize]
(0:30:30) Pegasus - Arias [Olympia Records]
(0:35:45) You've Got Some - The Madison [Garuda]
(0:40:29) The Wall (Arty Remode Mix) - Arty feat. Tania Zygar [Enhanced Progressive]
(0:45:49) Orbithing - Andy Moor & Orkidea
(0:51:35) Illusions - Temple One [Enhanced Recordings]
(0:56:49) Beautiful - Ferry Corsten [Flashover Recordings]
(1:02:50) Hayabusa - Falcon [Always Alive Recordings]
(1:08:25) Wonderland - Ultimate [Infrasonic Future]
(1:14:24) Koh Samui - Mitchell Claxton feat. Angie Coombes [Monstercat]
(1:21:56) Tyrant (Angry Acid Mix) - Angry Man [Monster Digital]
(1:28:07) Dancing In The Moonlight - Breakfast [Flashover Recordings]
(1:34:21) Blackout - Allen Watts [Monster Digital]
(1:39:46) All About You - Alan Morris [Tytanium Recordings]
(1:44:58) Ooosh! - North & Sanchez [Monster Digital]
(1:49:19) Stealth Bomber (Sam Jones & Will Rees Remix) - Bryan Kearney [Kearnage Recordings]
(1:53:46) Whatever Happens (Arctic Moon Remix) - Mark Leanings [Subculture]

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Summit Sessions #19 - This Is My Confession

It's time for episode 19 of the weekly Summit Sessions trance music podcast, presented by Foxhill! That means that next week will be another big two-hour episode. Are you ready for that?

This episode features no speaking. Unfortunately, time proved to be an enemy of mine this week, and I barely managed to find enough to record an episode, let alone do voiceovers for it. Such are the joys of being a full-time university student and being part-time employed all at once.

Anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

(00:00) Keep Your Secrets - Andrew Bayer feat. Molly Bancroft [Anjunabeats]
(06:35) A Night Like This - Kyau & Albert [Euphonic Records]
(10:13) Forever Is Ours - Armin van Buuren feat. Emma Hewitt [Armada Music]
(15:21) These Shoulders (Oliver Smith Remix) - Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson [Anjunabeats]
(20:06) I'll Listen (John O'Callaghan Dark Mix) - Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado [Armind]
(25:37) Waiting Here For You (Breakfast Club Mix) - The Thrillseekers feat. Aruna [Adjusted Music]
(32:19) Many Ways (Will Atkinson Midnight Remix) - Ferry Corsten feat. Jenny Wahlstrom [Flashover Recordings]
(36:30) Deep Impact - Will Atkinson [Subculture]
(42:40) Machete - Kaimo K [Edge EDM Records]
(48:50) Distorted Anger - Vlind [Monster Digital]
(53:47) This Is Upstep - Photographer [Digitized Recordings]