Sunday, March 26, 2017

Summit Sessions #83

This week, we're going deep.

Truthfully, this is almost a "Frontiers"-like episode, except it's much more focused on techno than melodic progressive house. In fact, one could make an argument that nine out of the 12 tracks in this week's show are techno. The BPM doesn't even go above 128 until the last song (when it hits 130).

What I'm trying to say is that you should be ready to get lost.

(00:00) Catskill - Barenziah [Dear Deer]
(05:33) FromPetersburg & Alex Pich ft. Brightness - A Movable Feast (Hexalogic Vocal Remix) [Silk]
(11:47) Lorchee & I-REC - Open Geest [Electronic Tree]
(15:23) Latin Intelligent - Deeply [JOOF Aura]
(21:47) Nicolas Petracca - The Rainbow Theory (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) [Northern Lights]
(26:24) Jiminy Hop - Lunatek (Marboc 'Moon' Mix) [Electronic Tree]
(31:04) Pedro Delgardo & TKNO - Emotion [Techburst]
(35:23) Dulcet - 68 [Lunary]
(40:55) David Amo & Julio Navas - Sinus (Jordy Dazz Rework) [free download from Jordy Dazz]
(45:25) Fehrplay - Pandora [Zerothree]
(49:55) Mark Sherry - Live & Learn (Alex Di Stefano Remix) [Outburst]
(55:00) Tempo Giusto - Blast Radius (M.I.K.E. Push Remix) [Echelon]

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Summit Sessions #82

We're back...again!

This week's episode of Summit Sessions is particularly deep and dark - in fact, the first half is almost entirely techno. Need to go for a drive at night? This is the mix for you. There's a few tracks in here that I haven't played before, so I hope you enjoy.

(00:00) Estiva - Tarmac [Statement!]
(06:11) Elfsong - Tesseract (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Saturate]
(11:44) Marcin Przbylski - Still Here (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
(16:29) 2nd Phase - Protocol (Darmec Remix) [Techburst]
(21:59) Justin Timmers - Again (Dulcet Remix) [Lunary]
(27:11) M.I.K.E. Push - Astrolab [Coldharbour]
(31:52) Shadow Of Two - Warrior Poets [Create]
(37:06) Sean Tyas - Rollout [Black Hole]
(41:25) Stephen Kirkwood - Homeland [Lange]
(45:00) Mallorca Lee & Stephen Kirkwood - 2029 (Jamie Walker Remix) [Outburst]
(49:46) Stuart Ferguson - Voodoo [Create]
(54:04) RAM & James Dymond ft. Kim Kiona - End Of Times (Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two Remix) [Grotesque]

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Summit Sessions #81 - Everest Edition

Are you ready for an Everest Edition episode?

To make up for missing one last month thanks to my equipment issues, this one is extra good - though I might be biased. Regardless, it features a great assortment of psy trance and tech trance work that should leave your heart pumping.

(00:00) Daniel Lesden & Mekka - Aurora [Borderline]
(05:48) The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (RAM 2017 Rework) [Grotesque]
(10:42) ReOrder & Katty Heath - Love Again [Amsterdam Trance]
(15:12) Sean Tyas - Matter Of Time [Degenerate]
(21:36) Serjan - The Cyborgs Are Here [Pharmacy]
(26:44) Thomas Datt - The Psychonaut [Damaged]
(33:22) Christopher Lawrence - Banshee (Lostly Remix) [Pharmacy]
(38:24) Allan Morrow - Adjusted Mind [Outburst]
(42:58) 2nd Phase - Horrified [Outburst]
(46:55) Robbie van Doe - Daywalker [Mental Asylum]
(51:29) Indecent Noise - Paint It In Black [Mental Asylum]
(56:20) Heatbeat & Jordan Suckley - Brutal [Aerys]