Sunday, May 28, 2017

Summit Sessions #92

This episode, we're going back to my progressive roots.

For once, there's no techno or tech trance thrown in. It's all progressive house, progressive trance, and maybe even an uplifting trance track or two. It's a mix that will suck you right in.

(00:00) Mike Duz - Lihuen [WeRecommend]
(05:46) Ummet Ozcan - Miami Sundown [Reset]
(10:11) Basil O'Glue - Dropout [Afterglow]
(15:37) Gai Barone - Blank Pages [Pure Progressive]
(21:01) Stoneface & Terminal - Another Day (Gundamea Remix) [Euphonic]
(26:26) Basil O'Glue - Cosmogony [Armada]
(31:44) Airwave - Pain Is My Relief [JOOF]
(36:39) Naden - Crumbler [Record Union]
(42:04) John 00 Fleming - Clouds Of Karma [JOOF]
(46:29) Signalrunners ft. Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Oliver Smith Remix) [Anjunabeats]
(51:15) John O'Callaghan & Full Tilt ft. Karen Kelly - Breathe (Will Atkinson Remix) [Armada Captivating]

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summit Sessions #91

Weather in Colorado is weird.

It dumped snow here a few days ago. Of course, since it's late May, all that snow instantly turned to slush, making everything a soggy, muddy mess.

This has absolutely no relevance to this episode of Summit Sessions; I just wanted to share it.

SS91 is a more melodic mix than usual. Enjoy!

(00:00) Michael Mashkov - Korea (Sam Davies Remix) [Encanta]
(04:26) Above & Beyond ft. Gemma Hayes - Counting Down The Days (Yotto Remix) [Anjunabeats]
(09:49) Mike Koglin & MoodFreak pres. Sudhaus - Octagon [Silk]
(13:39) Max Graham - Airtight (Henrik Zuberstein Remix) [Cycles]
(19:33) Dulcet - Anything [BC2]
(24:40) 2nd Phase - Short Circuit [Outburst]
(29:28) Max Graham - One Hundred (Estiva Remix) [Cycles]
(34:55) Andy Moor & Orkidea - Orbithing [Armada]
(39:46) Simon Patterson ft. Matt Adey - Time Stood Still [Armind]
(45:35) Monoverse - Fraction [Infrasonic Future]
(50:53) Eco & Driftmoon - Trust In The Wind [Pure Trance]

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Summit Sessions #90

I can't think of anything to say this week that I haven't already said in previous episodes.

Just listen and have fun and stuff!

(00:00) Movement Machina - Soul Muse [Mango Alley]
(06:45) Abdomen Burst - The World Is Changing [Pineapple Digital]
(11:06) E.F.G. & Marboc - 1111 Km [Electronic Tree]
(14:56) Marcin Przbylski - Werther Effect [Pure Progressive]
(19:32) Airwave - Amber Sky (Basil O'Glue Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
(24:37) Tioan - Punk't (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Electronic Tree]
(30:11) Stephen Kirkwood - The Wolf (Dulcet Remix) [JOOF]
(34:28) Max Graham vs. Estiva - Generation (Breakbeat Mix) [Cycles]
(40:01) Johnny Yono, Monoverse & Somna - Hijackers [Lange]
(43:45) Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb - Follow Me (David Forbes Remix) [Outburst]
(48:55) Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves (Darmec Remix) [Techburst]
(53:50) RAM & James Dymond ft. Kim Kiona - End Of Times (Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two Remix) [Grotesque]

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Summit Sessions #89 - Everest Edition

It's the first Sunday of May, so you know what that means: an Everest episode.

This one explores a very wide range of high-BPM trance, all the way from progressive psy trance to melodic uplifting trance to raw tech trance. It's definitely not as heavy as most of the "Everest" episodes thus far, but it should still be a lot of fun.

(00:00) Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics - Come With Us (Lish Remix) [Iboga]
(08:18) Liam Wilson & Will Atkinson - The Hurricane (Peter Hulsmans Aggressive Intro Storm) [Discover]
(14:48) Daniel Lesden & Mekka - Aurora [Borderline]
(20:15) The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (RAM 2017 Rework) [free download from RAM]
(25:06) Thomas Datt - The Psychonaut [Damaged]
(31:44) Mike Squillo - A Place For Everything [Digital Society]
(35:50) James Poulton - Panoramic [Monster Pure]
(40:55) Thomas Datt pres. Datticus - Infinity Loop [Critical Overload]
(47:54) Allan Morrow - Desolation [In Trance We Trust]
(52:57) Indecent Noise & RAM - Doom Device [Mental Asylum]