Sunday, March 19, 2017

Summit Sessions #82

We're back...again!

This week's episode of Summit Sessions is particularly deep and dark - in fact, the first half is almost entirely techno. Need to go for a drive at night? This is the mix for you. There's a few tracks in here that I haven't played before, so I hope you enjoy.

(00:00) Estiva - Tarmac [Statement!]
(06:11) Elfsong - Tesseract (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Saturate]
(11:44) Marcin Przbylski - Still Here (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
(16:29) 2nd Phase - Protocol (Darmec Remix) [Techburst]
(21:59) Justin Timmers - Again (Dulcet Remix) [Lunary]
(27:11) M.I.K.E. Push - Astrolab [Coldharbour]
(31:52) Shadow Of Two - Warrior Poets [Create]
(37:06) Sean Tyas - Rollout [Black Hole]
(41:25) Stephen Kirkwood - Homeland [Lange]
(45:00) Mallorca Lee & Stephen Kirkwood - 2029 (Jamie Walker Remix) [Outburst]
(49:46) Stuart Ferguson - Voodoo [Create]
(54:04) RAM & James Dymond ft. Kim Kiona - End Of Times (Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two Remix) [Grotesque]

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