Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summit Sessions #50 - Plain To See

That's right, this episode of Summit Sessions is number 50. To celebrate the occasion, there's...not really anything special, to be frankly honest, but of course it is a two-hour episode. After all, it is divisible by 10.

Rather than starting out with deep house, tech house, and techno like most two-hour episodes of this podcast, this one instead begins with melodic progressive house and trance before moving on to uplifting trance and even a little bit of tech trance. Don't think for a moment that this one will be boring though; you know me better than that.

(0:00:00) Odyssey - Alex H [Forthcoming Free Download from]
(0:08:00) Southern Sundance - Andre Sobota [Kyubu]
(0:13:00) Underworld - Solid Stone pres. Diversion [Colorize]
(0:17:45) Only You (Alex H Remix) - James Lowndes & Paul Lowndes [Macarize]
(0:25:04) Not Enough - Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene [Re*Brand]
(0:30:04) Lust - Eastbound [Silk Royal]
(0:35:33) The White Swan - Orbion [Alter Ego Progressive]
(0:39:32) Electricity Technology (Alex van Deep Remix) - Several Spirits [Progressive House Worldwide]
(0:44:25) Cygnes - Mr Sam ft. clAud9 [Appia]
(0:50:24) Start A Fire (Johan Malmgren Original Mix) - Aruna [Enhanced]
(0:55:03) Wait Forever (Estiva Mix) - Estiva & Cardinal ft. Arielle Marin [Enhanced]
(1:00:00) The 7th Arc (Daniel Kandi Remix) - LTN vs. Dan & Sam [Always Alive]
(1:05:10) Lucca - Dan Stone [Always Alive]
(1:09:24) Hashtable - Suncatcher & Falcon [Enhanced]
(1:14:02) Panoramic - James Poulton [Monster Pure]
(1:18:44) Huayra - Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone [Digital Society]
(1:23:23) Beyond Horizons - ReOrder [Levitated]
(1:28:15) The Horizon - Breakfast [Flashover]
(1:34:44) Shapes In The Darkness - DJ T.H. [Damaged]
(1:40:46) Prospector - Chris Metcalfe [Subculture]
(1:46:01) Unleash - Sean Tyas [Tytanium]
(1:51:31) Terraforming - Darren Porter [Monster Digital]

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