Sunday, November 20, 2016

Summit Sessions #69

Health and safety warning: All listeners of this episode are highly recommended to wear helmets in order to protect their heads from exploding.

In all seriousness, this episode of Summit Sessions features some pretty intense techno and tech trance, even if it doesn't hit the "138" range of music. It turns out there's plenty of mental songs down in the high 120s and low 130s.

This episode also showcases a new feature of the reborn, rebranded Summit Sessions - alternating album art. Every week will feature a new background of some form on the artwork. Usually they'll be something to do with mountains (get it? SUMMIT Sessions, FoxHILL), but a few non-mountainous pictures might sneak through too.

(00:00) Rick Pier O'Neil - This Way [JOOF]
(04:49) Cirez D - Thunderstruck [Mouseville]
(10:29) John 00 Fleming - Chemical Equilibrium [JOOF Aura]
(17:01) Stephen Kirkwood - The Wolf (Dulcet Remix) [JOOF]
(22:15) Onez!e - Guilty Conscience [JOOF Aura]
(27:44) Stephen Kirkwood - Ghosts Of The Sky [Outburst]
(32:40) Killick - Hoyer [Create]
(37:45) Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano - Everyone Is Looking For Us [Outburst]
(43:13) Simon Patterson ft. Matt Adey - Time Stood Still [Armind]
(48:59) Stuart Ferguson - Thumper [Create]
(53:26) Tasso - The F Word! (Alex Di Stefano Remix) [Critical State]

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