Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summit Sessions #44 - Forget Who You Are

As was said in the description of last week's Summit Sessions episode, tech trance is rather fun to DJ. As a result, for the third episode in a row, there's an absolute banger of a mix lined up for you this week. Sure, it doesn't start out with absolute 140bpm tech trance, but that doesn't mean it starts of relaxing and peaceful instead. Kicking things off is a brand new remix from Max Freegrant and Sebastian King, and from that, the mix winds all the way up through the latest release from Mental Asylum Records. If experience is correct, that means you're in a treat.

(00:00) Liza (Max Freegrant Remix) - Sebastian King [Freegrant Music]
(05:35) Dissolve - Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells [Armind]
(12:01) Orbithing - Andy Moor & Orkidea [Armada Music]
(17:16) Aerys - Heatbeat [Captivating Sounds]
(21:39) Always Be Around (MaRLo's Tech-Energy Remix) - MaRLo [A State Of Trance]
(25:37) Odin - Origin [Tangled Audio]
(30:37) Distorted Anger - Vlind [Monster Tunes]
(35:51) This Is Upstep - Photographer [Digitized Recordings]
(41:21) Different Strokes For Different Folks (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix) - TechTrek [D.MAX Recordings]
(45:55) Sun & Bulldozer (Ben Nicky 140bpm Headf*ck) - Too Many Artists [Free Download]
(51:28) Tyrant (Angry Acid Mix) - Angry Man [Monster Digital]
(57:11) Fractal (Jonathan Carvajal Remix) - David Rust [Mental Asylum Records]

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