Sunday, April 13, 2014

Summit Sessions #35 - Talking To Myself

When I sat down to record this episode of Summit Sessions, I decided to start with some nice, relaxing progressive trance. However, the mix quickly evolved into some rather hard sounds, moving through electro trance and eventually onto tech trance. There's a ridiculous amount of energy in this one, something I'm sure those of you who like fist-pumping will certainly enjoy.

(00:00) Glide - Monoverse [Alter Ego Progressive]
(05:10) Solar Breeze - Nic Toms [Digital Society Recordings]
(10:23) Annapurna - Trilucid [InfraProgressive]
(15:02) The Final Frontier - Mike Saint-Jules [In Trance We Trust]
(18:56) Under The Gun (Rank 1 Remix) - Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash [S107 Recordings]
(23:20) Antidote - Celauro [Red Soho]
(27:23) End Of The Line - Lee Osborne [Lange Recordings]
(32:43) Tyrant (Angry Acid Mix) - Angry Man [Monster Digital]
(38:26) Morgana - Mark L [Pharmacy Music]
(43:00) Rollability - Johan Ekman [Mental Asylum Records]
(48:02) Ultra Violet - Brian Flinn [Tytanium Recordings]
(53:31) Ooosh! - North & Sanchez [Monster Digital]

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