Sunday, April 27, 2014

Summit Sessions #37 - What You Want To Say

Trance music isn't necessarily melodic. It isn't necessarily uplifting. It isn't necessarily peaceful, nor is it necessarily pacific. Trance is many things to many people, and for this week's episode of Summit Sessions, we're exploring the darker, more raw side of trance music. We're going hard, we're going fast, and we're certainly taking no prisoners.

No voiceovers this week, unfortunately, thanks to a serious lack of time on my part. Thankfully, this semester is almost over at my university, which means more time for music soon enough! For now, just enjoy the music.

(00:00) Forsaken - Monoverse [Forthcoming on Digital Society Recordings]
(05:00) The Recluse - Johnny Yono [Lange Recordings]
(08:43) One Heart - Stoneface & Terminal with Ana Criado [Adrian & Raz]
(13:50) Where You Are - Max Graham feat. Alana Aldea [Re*Brand Records]
(17:21) Full Moon (Part Two) (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) - Sensetive5 feat. Irina Makosh [Forthcoming on Infrasonic Recordings]
(22:46) Draw The Line - Kaimo K feat. Jess Morgan [Adrian & Raz]
(28:14) Superfly - Jorn van Deynhoven [A State Of Trance]
(33:52) Hard To Feel - C-Systems [Blue Soho Recordings]
(40:07) Unbreakable Spirit - Peter Plaznik & Phil Taylor [Discover Dark]
(45:23) Psychic Sensor (Mark Young & Damo Kay Remix) - John O'Callaghan [Subculture]
(49:30) Boundless - Amir Hussain [Edge EDM Records]
(54:17) Ride The Wave (Will Atkinson Remix) - John O'Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottaviani [Subculture]

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